The British geographic and political sense of identity as an island nation, where no place is more than 75 miles from the coast, is inevitably characterised by its relationship with the sea, but the limits of our boundaries and borders are subject to change…

I’m a Midlands3Cities Postdoctoral Researcher based in Nottingham. I’ve created this blogsite as a way of documenting and sharing my PhD research into contemporary poetry and coastal change.

I aim to make a case for a distinctive poetics of British coastal change through close analysis of contemporary Anglophone coastal change poems (Morrison, Mulford, Bell, and others) and development of my own collection,‘Side of the Sea’, exploring how poetry visualises the social and cultural impact of ‘loss of place’ through sea-level rise, erosion and coastal flooding.

My thesis is a critical-creative project (60%-40%) and my supervisors are: Dr Rory Waterman (Nottingham Trent University), Dr Sarah Jackson (Nottingham Trent University) and Dr Henry Chapman (University of Birmingham) from 2016-2020.

My M3C webpage